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The Pool Guys-Chicago offers a multi-step process for refurbishing and painting your swimming pool.
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Olympic Pool Coatings
For over half a century, Kelley Technical Coatings has produced outstanding pool coatings and related products designed to make pool maintenance as easy as possible for the pool owner. Olympic coatings are more than just pool paint... don't settle for less than Olympic quality!
Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy pool coatings have proven to be the most effective long-range protection for swimming pool surfaces. This is due to the fact that epoxies cure to a very hard, non-porous finish that is insensitive to pool chemicals, ph balance, and automatic pool cleaning machines. Their "ceramic-like" qualities create a fresh and inviting appearance that will be easy to clean and extremely durable. We produce two types of epoxy pool coatings. The following product descriptions will enable you to decide which system is right for you.

The Zeron System

The ZERON system is the longest lasting epoxy pool coating available. You can expect up to eight years of service from one application of this product.

The greatest advantage of the ZERON system is that it only requires one coat. ZERON is a heavier bodied material than POXOLON 2 so it will require a little more effort in its application and will not spread as far. However, due to the extremely long life of ZERON, the cost per year of service is lower than any other pool coating available.

This coating may be applied by roller or airless spray equipment. ZERON is highly recommended for professional pool builders and pool service companies as an alternative to traditional pool plaster. The finished surface will stay brighter and will be easier to keep clean than a plastered pool.

Coverage: Approximately 125 - 150 square feet per gallon. Available in these attractive colors: White, Blue Ice, Bikini Blue and Blue Mist.

Pool Coatings

Blue Mist
Blue Ice

Bikini Blue

Bright Accent Colors

As the owner of the company, these bright colors are my personal favorites. They provide vibrant and dynamic color schemes. 

Sunshine Yellow   Red Pepper   Spanish Blue

Viking Blue  

Patio Tones

Warm Biscuit

Silk Straw
Desert Sun
Sand Valley

Mystic Gray

James Oberuc
The Pool Guys-Chicago